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A London brand with an international presence, J Dolcé Fine Jewels was founded in 2015 by Jacqueline Castro. Coming from a long line of international jewellers in her family, Jacqueline has always had a passion for beautifully crafted colourful gemstones and diamond jewellery. J Dolcé Fine Jewels combines the sparkle of lustrous exotic gemstones and diamonds with the latest style trends from around the world. 


Using precious and semi-precious gemstones sourced from around the world, all of our exquisitely designed and crafted jewels are set in a range precious metals. Our pieces make the perfect gift for any occasion and are limited in design and availability which makes them more appealing to those who seek something special and different to everyone else. 


J Dolcé Fine Jewels have a range of collections to suit everyone’s tastes and styles.  From our bold statement pieces to the simple and dainty. We even have a special collection for the gentlemen too; “J Dolcé MAN”. 


J Dolcé Fine Jewels has been worn by jewellery connoisseurs worldwide, including celebrity stylists, barbers, DJs and Grammy nominated artists. We have also had the pleasure of sponsoring high-profile international events in the hair and beauty industries. You can even spot our jewellery on the Red Carpet out in LA.


Take a look inside the world of J Dolcé Fine Jewels and “Adorn Yourself In Timeless Elegance & Luxury”.

J Dolcé Fine Jewels. 




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